🌿 Hipsparta 🌿
gain more followers all caught up

haha just saw two of my followers in pizza express!

like if you’re online and i’ll check out your blog

What’s your name?

  — mark

Where do you live?

  — right in the middle of the UK

Check out my blog?

  — sure! i might not reply to your message though

Do you post your own photos?

  — yeah, check them out  here

What camera do you use?

  — i mostly use my iPhone but i also have 2 polaroids and a dslr

Wanna chat?

  — sure, i love talking to you guys!  tell me what’s on your mind..

Any tips to gain followers?

  — try out  this site, I’ve managed to gain quite a few followers from promoting here

i track the tag “hipsparta”